How often are you struggling with coming up with new and fresh ideas? Being progressive and innovative in your space keeps customers and staff energetic and interested. Brainstorming meetings are an integral part of churning out new ideas, however they can often be a waste of time if not managed properly. This article has 3 great tips help you and your team “Think Outside the Box”.
1. Set parameters to focus your ideas. Ideas that are too broad lack focus and poor follow through. Boundaries give guidance and will keep your team on course – pick a stream of something like: Brainstorm 10 new things you could do on facebook to gain and sustain likes rather then just 10 new marketing ideas.
2. Search for random inspiration. Using random vocabulary to spark weird connections in your brain is also a tactic. Example: You can prompt your team with unexpected words, like pineapple or sparkles for a car company. Nine times out of 10, the ideas people are excited about are generated by the ridiculous random prompt! To find prompts, look at popular photos on Pinterest and trending words on Twitter, or click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ in a Google search.
3. Aim for quantity not quality. Leave your insecurities at the door and and turn off your internal editor. By throwing out all ideas, bad and good, your can stir things up and get lots on the table! A bad idea can always be turned into a good idea with some tweaking.