The spring and summer is a notoriously busy season for renewals in the Merchant Advance industry. We fund many businesses who thrive off a quick boost in May-June to provide additional capital for inventory purchases. We’ve seen our fair share of seasonal businesses, such as florists or merchants who capitalize on increased tourism in the areas they call home. Many of our seasonal businesses are located on the Coast, and we’ve chalked this up to the blatant attraction that the sprawling Canadian waters offer to visitors from the prairies or from the South. It makes sense; businesses with high seasonality, while on different revenue cycles, are just as profitable as their more-consistent counterparts such as many retail businesses or restaurants.
As keen observers of the Canadian business landscape, we’re constantly sensitive to business growth and development all across Canada. Recently, we can’t help but be impressed with Alberta small business performers who manage to rake in good sales and steady revenue season after season. We’re in awe of their consistency and reckon their solid business profitability can be attributed to the overall attraction that the province holds for entrepreneurs nationwide. Home to Calgary and Edmonton, the province boasts a high density of citizens in several major cities, and is a hot-spot for Canadian and American business transactions. Hosting one of the most highly anticipated annual shindigs in the country doesn’t hurt either, with the Calgary Stampede attracting and hosting a growing number of participants and spectators each year.
Known as a population who’s into working as hard as they play, it’s no wonder that Alberta- and Calgary in particular- offers a lucrative business environment for business people and franchisors to set-up shop. Teeming with a young population of professionals, it’s the perfect opportunity to capitalize on fresh new dining and retail concepts. We’ve seen some pretty exotic business ideas, and some have flourished more than others. The key to prolonged prosperity is catering to a fun, young and willing crowd who is excited about the prospect of expanding their cultural horizons.
At Merchant Advance, we love to visit our out-of-province clients whenever we’re in the area, and Calgary and Edmonton are stompin’ grounds we wouldn’t mind passing through. Much love to our Eastern neighbors- keep up the awesome work ethic!