The Merchant Advance team has traveled all over the country, and our backgrounds are as diverse and overlapping as any. However, we have to say that our own backyard holds a special place in our hearts: we love west coast business.
While the economy of the country is still in flux, BC has been fortunate to survive much of the turmoil. As a major hub of national and international business, Vancouver has carved a place for itself among the leading North American cities for business trade.

In our line of work, we find that many of the small businesses that we finance are experiencing an increased business confidence than their Easterly neighbours.
Profits are up, and we’ve seen a significant trend in the use of funds for many of our BC merchants. Keeping up with inventory demands is the number one concern for these businesses, who often cater to the tourist population that descends on the city in order to take advantage of mild summers and sand-covered shorelines.
Aiding these businesses has been a real treat, as we have watched many local businesses grow and thrive with the help of Merchant Advance Capital’s business loan and merchant funding programs.
While we’re here to meet the needs of all sorts of Canadian businesses, the inventory shortage has proven to be a prominent reason for urgent funding. With the ease and simplicity of our funding program, merchants are able to top up their current account within a day or two, at no additional hassle to the business owners themselves.