The Holidays are approaching! What are your work priorities? What are your personal priorities? Can you achieve work-life balance? The month of December will be a whirlwind of focus outside the work area and inside the shopping malls. Whether you own a 50-employee company, 1-man business, or anything in the middle, the Holidays will be taking over the office.     Employees will be focused on decorating their home with winter decor, buying presents for friends and family, and planning/attending holiday parties. The Holidays are where employees spend time with family and friends, receive and give presents, and also receive holiday vacations or bonuses. With all of the rewards that the Holidays offer, this does not guarantee that employees will necessarily be in “work mode”. Employees need to differentiate their work priorities between their personal priorities. Employees should acknowledge if their company is working at a higher or lower speed during the holidays. During this winter season, merchant advances or loans at Merchant Advance Capital are a great option for seasonal businesses. If employees do not give 100 percent into their job due to the lack of focus spent on the Holidays, this is a good time to reevaluate their work responsibilities or to set an early New Year’s resolution. Find the balance. Employees should find the solutions that work for them and their company. Ultimately, enjoy the holidays, but remember that the work priorities in December are no different than the work priorities from January to November. [feather_follow]