new-years-resolution-sex-drink-eat-curve-appeal-ecards-someecards (1) Since you were a kid you have been encouraged to create goals for yourself. Most people do this or encourage kids to do this so that they look ahead and really think about what they would like to achieve in the future months, year or years to come. Setting goals is something encouraged by teachers, friends, even family members, it is unarguably the most common way that people try and motivate themselves to achieve success.

With the New Year on the horizon most people are starting to reflect on the past year and are starting to set new goals or resolutions for themselves in 2014, while there are bound to be a large number of people who are just extending their goals for 2013 because they haven’t quite yet been fulfilled. This is not a bad thing, everyone is guilty of exceeding the time frame of which they set their goals, but maybe if we weren’t setting long term goals in the first place we would be more successful! There was a recent study released that suggested that when you create long term goals for yourself it often results in people putting their goals on the back burner because you have “lots of time” to work towards it. If you have ever been a full-time student or worker you know how busy life can get and how easy it can be to forget about those resolutions that you have pushed aside to deal with at a later date. The study suggests that people should take a different approach at setting goals: focusing on the everyday tasks that contribute to the achievement of the goal. For example, if you are a student your ultimate goal is to graduate with a degree, but what is really important in achieving your degree is the work you do each day in your classes. The essays, the research, the studying and the exams – these are all part of the system that eventually leads you to achieve your long term goal of graduation. It is focusing on this “system”, or these daily tasks that make up the system that will allow you to be successful. When making a long term goal it is easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of achieving that goal! It makes it a lot easier to complete this task if you take it day by day. So if you are making goals and resolutions for the upcoming new year, keep this in mind: what it is that you will do every day or every week to work towards the goals that you have set? Setting too many long term goals is just going to set you up for failure, and if at the end of the year you realize you haven’t eve worked towards your goal at all then chances are you may feel unsuccessful. If you work towards your goal in a small way everyday you are eliminating this chance of failure, you might not completely accomplish your goal but at least you will have made progress. Happy New Year Everyone!