A MAC merchant advance or business loan can be used for a variety of business requirements. There are no limitations to how you spend your merchant advance or business loan – use the funds as you see fit. Popular uses for a business funding include:

Inventory, Renovations, Expansion, Paying Bills, Marketing, Acquisitions, Working Capital, and more!

The most common use of funds in Merchant Advance Capital’s deals is to acquire inventory. Additional inventory allows a retailer to increase sales during their high season. The key variables that must be carefully analyzed are the gross margin on the inventory and the pace at which the inventory can be turned over. If the inventory turns fast enough and at a high enough gross margin, then using business funding to finance its acquisition is an easy option to choose.

Within the restaurant sector, business funding is typically used for capital improvements – whether that be in the form of a new patio, renovations, buying equipment, or even building a new location altogether. Additionally, catching up on bills (such as paying a tax bill, a supplier payment, or emergency payments if something needs to be fixed), consolidating debt, advertising & marketing, and business acquisitions are also common scenarios. Other popular sectors include auto repair shops, veterinarians, doctors, pet food stores, furniture stores, and many others. We welcome all applications for all sectors.
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