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Blog Article: Better Together: A Pride Tilt-Shift Story

We were thrilled to get involved in one of our coolest projects to date, a short film created to bring awareness to members of the LGBTQ community who face isolation and/or misunderstanding from within their community.

The video follows the narrative of 7 people, each representing different associations with the LGBTQ community. It starts with each person being shown in public spaces stuck in situations of isolation and misunderstanding. These scenes are gloomy, representative of the internal pain that the LGBTQ are feeling. They are dressed in colourful outfits (full colour tracksuits), each representing a different spectrum of the rainbow.

As the video progresses, there is a shift in tone, as we see various events of pride week setting up and coming together. These characters attend these vibrant, inclusive events, and we see feelings of joy and contentment in the characters. These characters come together and becomes friends, affected by the celebratory and positive overtones of the Pride movement. During the Pride Parade, they march together, synchronizing in dance. The piece ends in a synchronized dance with all the actors together in a park, who come together in a cinnamon roll hug and form a rainbow. These events show that the events of the Pride Society truly bring people together.

The Merchant Advance team was on set and acted in a number of scenes throughout the video. The project was received with praise from the community at large, and accomplished its main objectives of encouraging positive social change and more support for the LGBTQ community and its programs. Check out the video, below!


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