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Blog Article: Business Confidence On the Rise


It’s a good time to be a small business owner in Canada! Many entrepreneurs have been outspoken about their economical struggle over the past few years and it’s no secret that many companies are still coming to terms with inevitable financial losses. While it’s somewhat comforting to know that Canada didn’t get hit nearly as hard by the recession as our neighbors to the south, our economy still has some recovering to do.

Businessman Wearing CapeThe Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) has some encouraging news for Canadian entrepreneurs who have persisted through the fickle fiscal year. Apparently, Canadian business owners are feeling optimistic about the growth in their industries, and their sales are expected to accelerate as 2013 continues to fly by.

It’s easy to forget the impact that small businesses have  on Canada’s economic future. Small enterprises can be overlooked and undervalued, losing potential business to clients who favour the discounted prices of large retail chains. While it can be virtually impossible for small businesses to match the prices that are offered exclusively by retail giants, they have many other attributes that keep them competitive. Surveys confirm that customer service is superior in small businesses, with customers reporting greater satisfaction in their overall shopping experience when dealing with small – medium sized companies.

With small businesses contributing more than 30 percent to Canada’s GDP, we feel pretty that there are enough signs of business confidence in the current market that show Canadian entrepreneurs have a bright year ahead of them. The MAC team is dedicated to small businesses and we’re proud to provide alternative funding to businesses in all sorts of industries. We hope that by extending financing options to Canadian entrepreneurs nationwide, small business confidence will continue to soar!

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