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Blog Article: Calgary Flooding: A State of Emergency


The last few days have been crazy. More and more stories have been trickling in about the raging water, which is doing anything but trickling through the downtown streets of the major Canadian city. Heavy flooding has taken over Calgary’s downtown and is feared to get even worse before it gets better. Locals are describing recent events as absolute pandemonium, with little being done for thousands of citizens in the most effected regions of the city.

With water usage and power outages becoming an increasingly alarming concern, most city reps are trying their best to appease worried locals. Apparently the water quality has not been affected, but residents are being asked to avoid unnecessary water use and clean dishes and clothing items conservatively. Similarly, many regions that are not sited for evacuation have been told to expect power outages until the roads have been cleared.

The flooding is expected to devastate residential dwellings and businesses alike, and we’ve spoken with business owners in the area who are uncertain of the current state of their business premise. If you’re a business owner looking for financial assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’re eager to help in any way we can, and are offering special promotions for businesses who have been affected by the regional tragedy.

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