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Blog Article: Don’t Write Off Print Advertising

Though small businesses are increasingly encouraged to take advantage of the highly cost-effective and reactive potential of social media and digital marketing, it is not to say that traditional means of advertising have gone the way of the dinosaur. One look at a range of local and specialty publications reveals that businesses across Canada are making the most of print media to reach niche market readers with a passion for products and services specific to their needs and interests.

What are some of the benefits of print advertising exposure for small businesses?



Does your small business ply its trade in a niche market – handmade leather goods? Parts and repairs for British-made automobiles? You name it! Print outlets allow a high degree of specific targeting to interested audiences with an investment in these same niches. Magazines wishing to advertise to particular geographic, ethnic or demographic segments will likely be able to concentrate their efforts on readers with those identifying markers. This degree of specificity also allows small businesses to focus their advertising budget and avoid wasting money on non-regional targeting.


Anyone can whip up a Facebook page and basic, good-looking website these days – including those individuals or groups with fraudulent or unscrupulous business principles. Advertising in print proves that your business has the stability needed to pass muster when it comes down to creating the appearance of professionalism and quality. This is especially the case for endorsements in industry-specific publications.


In addition to creating a distinct visual identity for your business through a visual/graphic advertisement, magazine and other print media venues may offer the opportunity for written features or profiles of your small business, highlighting its products, services, qualities and place in the local community as well as any special initiatives (such as sustainability, charitable work or innovation) that you may be a part of.

Businesses may find it well worth the time and proportionally higher cost to advertise in print for these reasons if not many others. Though the digital frontier is expanding, it’s not too late to consider the benefits of print advertising!

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