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Blog Article: Employment Grows – And Shifts Direction

It New information has just been released by Statistics Canada showing some interesting trends about Canadian employment.


In the 12 months to December, employment gains totalled 214,000 or 1.2%, compared with a growth rate of 0.9% observed over the same period one year earlier. Gains in employment were highlighted by growth in the private sector and especially among women between the ages of 25 and 54.

When we take a look at the breakdown of employment changes in a bit more detail, we can also see a major shift toward part-time job growth. Statistics Canada’s year-end employment review Friday said the country added 153,700 net new part-time jobs last year and just 60,400 full-time positions.

What does this shift mean for Canadian small businesses, who are often reliant on part-time workers? While part-time employment gains are generally seen as less favourable for overall economic health compared to growth in full-time positions, growth in a general sense shows the improvement of business health, especially among businesses that are starting up or expanding.

Part-time hiring is more likely to be pursued by businesses who are aiming to keep costs low. This reflects some of the year-long trends in the Canadian small business world in which rising costs of major items such as utilities and property taxes have put pressure on the bottom line of many SMB owners.

The point at which Canadians need to be concerned about the upsurge in part-time employment is when “involuntary part time” jobs become too prevalent. This would mean that a candidate whose preference would be to work full-time has no choice but to seek out part-time employment. In light of the significant growth in part-time work, it will be critical for small business owners to invest in the quality of training and support for their part-time employees in the coming year.


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