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Blog Article: Entrepreneurial Inspiration


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Entrepreneur Magazine met up with busy mom-of-two Kris Wittenberg, the genius behind the good-guy morality of “Be Good to People” apparel. The clothing, which boasts simple statements of virtue- has caught on in a major way. People from all over the country are eager to don the mantra, and Wittenberg states “it’s impossible to be a jerk while wearing our t-shirt”. The business is new, but profits are soaring, and the proud entrepreneur couldn’t be happier with her strategic planning and concept, all which materialized along the way.

It’s difficult to come up with a unique business idea in an age where trends wear thin over time and interests and activities are ever-changing. Entrepreneurs like Wittenberg find that following their passion has been imperative to their personal and professional success.

So aside from recognizing whether or not you have entrepreneurial passion and ability running through your veins, what should you have in place before saying goodbye to your comfy corporate cushion? We’ve compiled the following helpful hints to point you on your way.


Start with passion: Remember, what defines an entrepreneur is to go beyond thinking about it, ignore the calculated risks and do it.

Believe in it: Define a product, segment, or category that you really believe in and combine it with a business opportunity in that segment. This creates a fertile business opportunity.

Have a plan: Careful financial planning is critical right up front. Understanding those capital needs and how achieve them is important going into it, as opposed to trying to figure it out as you go along.

Hire a great PR team: Look for a firm that has been there before, knows how the bigger companies do it, who the players are, how to leverage opportunities, and how to identify areas where you can improve over your competition. Find PR people who share a passion for your product and can communicate your brand’s message naturally.

Keep your branding simple: You need to be able to tell the story of brand or product without it being a complicated story. What would you like to see? Chances are your target audience will respond. Just go for it!






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