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Blog Article: Holiday Preparedness for Small Businesses

The end of the year can be a make-or-break time for many businesses. Retailers, restauranteurs, events specialists, and other industry sectors may experience heightened demand during December and the approach to the Christmas and New Year holidays. Is your business gearing up for a holiday rush? Read on for some advice that will help you make the most of this important point on the annual business cycle.

Engage With Spirit

Putting  up holiday-themed decorations might be seen like a dog-eared trope for any small business, but doing so is still valuable. While this blog could not find statistics that show improved sales that correlate to the decoration of businesses… that doesn’t really matter in the end! The key idea behind showing even a bit of customization or enthusiasm around the holidays is the promotion of engagement. Show your customers that you’re a vibrant, characterful place to visit, one with its own personality, one that engages with current events and customer interests rather than remaining static.

Create Seasonal Promotions and Products

Almost any kind of business can find a way to make its products more attractive to holiday shoppers. Create gift baskets or collections that will expose people to a wide range of your available products. If your wares are less tangible/portable, gift cards or certificates are an excellent option: these allow people to give the gift of something uniquely experiential rather than physical.

Incentivize and Create Ease

Many consumers admit to stressing out as the holidays approach. Give your customers a reason to relax – this may start with preparing early, offering promotions that let those who need extra time benefit from an opportunity to take care of their to-do list through patronage of your business. Drum up interest with appropriate advertising well in advance of any key promotions. Find out which types of incentives – discounts, shipping deals, unique stock availability, and so on – will be most appealing to your particular customer group. Position your business as a way for concerned holiday shoppers to take some of the stress out of their plans.

Stock Up

You may require additional orders of goods, staff to help with increased bookings for your services, or even an increased budget for your online advertising purchases as the holidays approach. Remember to consider these items as you move toward any critical sales period. Applying for a Merchant Advance can be a great way to help your business with this process. Consider that, relative to a large-denomination bank loan, the amount of capital required to work through this relatively short period of increased demand on your business is likely to be rather small. You can also apply and obtain funding in a short time period in order to have it ready for the upcoming holidays.

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