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Blog Article: Asking for Help


The other day the team here at the office were discussing an article that we had come across. The article asked 12 well known entrepreneurs to share the best advice they had ever received. One particular entrepreneur, Chip Wilson, founder of popular athletic company Lululemon, shared that the most influential advice he had ever been given was to “never be afraid to ask for help”. This advice stood out to us because of the fact that it was such simple advice that you have probably heard throughout your entire life; whether it be from teachers, friends, family members or employers.


When you become a business owner it is not uncommon to feel as if you no longer have anyone to go to for help, especially if it is financial aid you are seeking. In today’s society many small businesses tend to go through periods in which they experience a lull in sales. With January on the horizon and the busy Holiday season coming to an end many business owners are bound to become a little strapped for cash. If you are already a business owner you may already know the lengthy process that is required in order to seek help from the Bank, as well as the tendency for Banks to overlook small businesses when it comes to financial aid. This being said it might be a good time to remind yourself that there are other resources out there to help you in these types of situations. Here at Merchant Advance Capital we understand the struggles that you might face as a small business owner because we started out as a small business ourselves! This is what sets us apart from banks or any other large loan and Merchant advance companies, among other qualities. So if you are a small business owner in Canada and find yourself in a tough financial situation in the upcoming New Year then don’t be shy and feel free to contact us! [feather_follow]

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