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Blog Article: How We’ve Helped the Health and Wellness Industry


New Years Resolutions. We’ve all got em’, and they usually rally around our personal ambitions and our ongoing efforts to better ourselves. With January long behind us, healthy living has become a brand in itself these days, with consumers willing to dish out the big bucks in order to pursue their health and body-image goals.

The health and wellness industry is one of the few business sectors that has seen an increase in economic prosperity over the last few years. This sector holds great opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs and enticing offers for those in the market. We’ve seen an increased number of health & wellness business in our portfolio recently, with a common theme amongst them. The greatest challenge for these small-medium sized businesses is funding for inventory, as banks are often unwilling to risk funding on an industry that is relatively new. We’ve been fortunate to extend financing to many boutiques across Canada that provide alternative wellness products or active living supplements to a diverse clientele of Canadians.

The success of all of these business is determinant upon keeping their shelves fully stocked, and that’s where we’ve been able to help the most. Using our funds for inventory purchases is common in the Merchant Advance world, as many clients are eager to be re-advanced, with the knowledge that they’re investing in a solid return.

With the industry continuing to pick up speed, we’re grateful to be affiliated with businesses in the space. If you think your business would benefit from working capital in order to fund future inventory purchases, give us a call!


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