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Blog Article: Small Business in the Maritimes


We have to admit, at Merchant Advance Capital we love our West-coast office in vivacious Vancouver, but the call of the great Atlantic is hard to ignore. We’re travelers at heart, and with a diversity of geographical backgrounds, many of our team members are native to Canada’s East Coast and are proud to call the Maritimes home. As each region of our country is drastically different than any other in terms of size, population and economy; its not surprising that Eastern Canadian businesses face hurdles unique to their own slice of the nation. co-founder Jevon MacDonald offers advice for Maritime small business owners and some tips for succeeding on the Eastern coast. Atlantic Canada has seen its fair share of business start-up success, with many Canadian entrepreneurs hailing from modest rural counties surrounding the region’s larger cities. MacDonald warns that willingness to collaborate with business professionals in other parts of the country is essential, as geographical isolation has the potential to affect business development if unacknowledged.

Maintaining working relationships with contacts in more centrally located cities is beneficial for the business’s recognition in their field. Networking with professionals in similar industry types will be useful in attracting new clients in the future, and is invaluable to the business’s growth.

Maritimers are accustomed to harsh winters and businesses are able to bank on the patronage of loyal customers throughout the year. With business confidence rising, we’re excited to work with merchants on the other side of Canada and look forward to helping them invest in the continued success of business in Atlantic Canada!

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