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Blog Article: Marketing your Business for the Winter

We understand that the winter season affects businesses during this time of year; and we, at Merchant Advance Capital, are always here to help. The Winter months are where employees are usually slower, and implementing the following marketing tactics below will successfully improve your business during the winter months.


  • Change Your Messaging Use this time to update your website and explore more marketing options.
  • Create New Winter-Specific Services You may tweak your normal services with winter-related services to appeal to a new winter-related market.
  • Produce Discounts and Special Offers Customers love discounts and special offers; especially with the Holidays, people will buy gifts for family and friends that are marked down.
  • Give Back to the Community Use the Holidays to give back to the people in need. Volunteer, buy gifts, or send a monetary donation to help charities that help people in need.
  • Keep your Current Customers in Mind Don’t forget about your current customers too! Take the time to recognize your current customers and let them know that you appreciate their business with you. Send out Holiday greeting cards; this will add a human element to your services that your customers will appreciate, especially during the holiday season. The Winter months can be tough for businesses, but following these tips can ensure that your company keeps the interests and concerns of your customers. Don’t forget that you can always contact us for a merchant advance or loan to help improve marketing your business. [feather_follow]
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