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Blog Article: What Can I Use A Merchant Advance For?

Today, we are proud to debut the first video in our ongoing video series featuring Merchant Advance CEO David Gens!

We listened carefully to a variety of important questions that customers across Canada asked about our business model, our products and the many ways we can best help small businesses of all kinds succeed with accessible business funding. Today, David sits down with viewers to answer one of the most important inquiries that we receive on a regular basis:

“What Can I Use A Merchant Advance For?” 

In short: almost any small business improvement you can think of! But don’t let me tell you. Click below to watch the full video, and stay tuned to our Youtube channel for regularly scheduled updates to the Merchant Advance Video Series featuring new facts, advice and perspectives on small business lending from the founder of Merchant Advance Capital.

Hi, I’m David Gens from Merchant Advance Capital.
What Can I Use A Merchant Advance For?
“Storefront businesses will use our funds to accomplish a variety of different things. Usually it’s expansionary in nature. So they’ll be buying inventory to increase their sales during a certain season They’ll be investing in certain capital upgrades. More seating in a restaurant or patio, or building a new location all together. Anything that comes up in the regular course of business. We don’t contractually limit how a business can use the funding, so it’s really up to them to make the best use of the funds. And earn the best return they can on the capital that we provide.”
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