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Blog Article: Merchant Advances Rock the Retail Industry


With the introduction of our first ever business loan product, Merchant Advance Capital is able to provide funding to almost any business across Canada. As we’ve grown, been fortunate to provide funding to many prosperous businesses and we’ve been able to adapt our business qualifications for our funding program accordingly. As many unique and exciting businesses as we’ve come across, there’s always one sector that has been uniquely compatible with the merchant advance.

The retail industry is so compatible with our form of funding because of the way their daily transactions inherently work. Retail stores bring in money every day, and almost always have a debit/credit processor for customer’s card payments.

A merchant advance offers a smooth and flexible means of debt repayment through a series of small daily repayments based on a small percentage of the day’s sales. We work with you to decide which figure will be most compatible for your business, as we want to ensure the figure is not too great that it would be a burden on the business’s cash flow.

We advance and re-advance many retail stores that don’t always need the money at the time of the advance. Alternatively, these merchants are preparing for the future, where economic and financial security is unpredictable and can be scary for a small business owner.

The economy is cyclical, which means it periodically goes through low times. Wholesalers who are unprepared for those times of economic recession are often caught off-guard financially. While the economy isn’t something a business owner can realistically change, preparing for these difficulties is crucial to the prosperity of the business in the long run.


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