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Blog Article: The Merchant Advisor: Fiscal Year-End


March is the month of fiscal year-end for Canadian small businesses. It is the time of year when tax preparations are on the minds of many Canadians, and especially business owners. You will probably find yourself checking and double-checking your files, hunting down opportunities for money-saving deductions, and organizing your plan for the next go-round. About:Money’s Susan Ward has a great and very comprehensive guide on the subject that you can read here.

We’ve helped all kinds of small businesses with their diverse financial needs this year, and have seen many of our clients accomplish goals great and small aided by accessibility to working capital. A year can make a big difference: with the funding provided by a merchant advance lasting 10 to 12 months, your business could take a significant step forward, whether you want to expand, recreate, invest, develop, or do anything you can think of.

Given that your books are probably in order and subject to review for tax time, and that the financial health and operating conditions of your business are fresh in your mind, now might also be a great time to consider putting in an application for funding. Whether you are an existing customer looking to re-apply, had considered it but were unsure, or have just heard about our products for the first time, you can visit us online at to learn more, or call a member of our team at 1 (877) 370-8850.

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