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Blog Article: Where are my Employees?

The Winter months can be a difficult time for small business owners.
Full workplaces are uncommon since employees are on holiday vacations, sick from flus or colds, or unable to travel to work due to weather conditions. Productivity may decline if fundamental staff are not in the office. Nonetheless, there are methods of ensuring that productivity runs comfortably:


• Hire an Intern Hiring a paid intern on a one or two month placement can help eliminate any productivity issues your business may have and will benefit the intern too, since he/she receives real work experience.

• Implement a “Happy” Workplace Atmosphere It’s Winter! Decorate your workplace with holiday decorations! This is the time of the year where decorating a room could be a great team building exercise for your employees.

• Praise Employees Give compliments, but only give credit where credit is due. This will increase respect for you and will ultimately improve your employees’ self esteem. Employees will look forward to coming to work in the morning if they know they are doing a good job.

• Plan Social Events Socialising at a Holiday/New Year’s party will improve working relationships and introduce an extra element of enjoyment to the workplace. Winter months can be difficult for businesses, but following these tips can ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently, which will benefit you and your employees. If you’re considering hiring intern(s), apply with us for a merchant advance to finance their salaries! We are here to help! Apply on our website today! [feather_follow]

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