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Blog Article: Misspellings of 2013 & Fun Spell Checker Poem

We all have made grammatical/spelling mistakes, but ensuring that we don’t frequently make mistakes in a work environment will help with communication, comprehension, and reputation. Employees who work with computers and avid texters will understand the misspellings of 2013 below:

  • PERJUDICE and PERDJUICE for prejudice (think “pre judge” not “smoothie of perdition”)
  • PERCISE for precise (the -cise here is like in incision, so think “pre cut”)
  • ADAMIT for adamant (think “Wolverine has adamantinum claws, not adamittens)
  • AMETURE for amateur (the ama is about love, the -teur is for a doer, like actor in French is acteur)
  • AQUAINTED for acquainted (from the 1300s to about 1600, there was no “c” in English)
  • TONSILECTOMY for tonsillectomy (two tonsils, two l’s to remove)
  • ACHIEVMENT for achievement (spell “achieve” then add “ment”)
  • HIERACHICAL for hierarchical (sound it out?)
  • EARY for eerie (at the end of the 18th century, writers decided this word needed a double “e,” sorry)
  • THROROUGH for thorough (this is probably just a typo)
  • INDITE for indict (the ending is related to dictionary or dictate; it’s talking about “saying”)
  • IMAGRATION for immigration (look for “migrant” inside the word)

Now you have seen some of the many misspelled words of 2013. Luckily, there won’t be any more; but unfortunately, there will be a list of misspelled words of 2014! Ensure you are spelling correctly by pressing F7 on your keyboard! Below is an interesting poem that is sure to be entertaining:

Ode to My Spell Checker

eye have a spelling checker, it came with my pea sea rsz_1rsz_1rsz_1rsz_1rsz_typing-on-computer-keyboard1
it plainly marques fore my revue, miss steaks eye kin knot sea
eye strike a quay and type a word, and weight fore it to say
weather eye am wrong oar write, it shows me strait a weigh
as soon as a mist ache is maid, it nose bee fore two long
and eye can put the error rite, its rare lea ever wrong
eye have run this poem threw it, i am shore your please two no
its letter perfect awl the weigh, my checker tolled me sew

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