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Blog Article: Monday Motivation for Small Businesses


By the time you read this, it will be Monday morning. A new week brings a new set of challenges and experiences for any small business! Popular culture has embraced the stereotyped idea that the beginning of the week is where motivation can be at its lowest: it’s wise to challenge this perception lest we fall into a pattern that takes a toll on productivity. Energy is a precious resource, and it drains more quickly than we think. The same way we go about maintaining hygiene or staving off hunger, we ought to regularly refill our motivational reserves as well. Here are three Monday motivation strategies that will help you declutter, focus, reinvigorate and be prepared for a smoother transition to the week ahead.

  • Save Energy: Time Your Efforts

In the athletic world, timing is key to success. The number-one quote you hear from the guy who looks to be leading the race, only to be overtaken inches from victory: “I didn’t save enough power for the end.” The start of your week is a tempting place to over-schedule – scrums, meetings, due dates, key phone calls. Take a moment to set your goals and spread them out across the time you have in order to conserve energy. Doing this type of planning exercise will put you in a frame of mind that will satisfy the desire to leave nothing out, but will avoid the burnout that comes with trying to tackle too much too soon.

  • Create a Recall Point

Friday afternoon might be the second-most difficult block of time to manage effectively in the work week. In order to start your week off well, leave off at the end of the previous one with your affairs prepared and ready to pick up exactly where they need to be after a restful weekend. Building this “recall state” is a key skill that your blogger picked up while working on creative projects where time is essential. No one should have to spend the extra time on Monday morning just to bring things back up to a functional speed – leave important pieces of your workflow in an organized, primed-to-go configuration before you make your exit for the week. Your motivation come Monday will thank you.

  • Team Up and Communicate

Your energy is directly tied to the energy of the team you work with, and vice versa. Assess the vibe of the group and do something to contribute to it first thing in the week! A topical brainstorming session may get everyone’s creative and productive powers motivated. Starting the day with communication is a great way to let employees and team members feel value and engagement. At the Merchant Advance office, the team never fails to be motivated by the arrival of pastries from the bakery on the next block…


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