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Blog Article: October is Small Business Month!

Did you know that October is Small Business Month in Canada? Well, it is – and it’s time to make the best of it! In Merchant Advance’s home province of BC alone, 98% of firms are classified as small businesses – those with under 50 employees. With such overwhelming statistical importance, it is fitting that the small business sphere of influence is increasing, gaining important political traction in the upcoming election as well as being recognized as a focal point for the energies and ideas generated by young entrepreneurs.

Small Business Month offers opportunities for small business owners and operators to network, develop and share business ideas, and learn about government programs and resources. Informative seminars are available all month on topics ranging from your choice of financial management tools and getting the most out of your balance sheet, to picking the right name for your business and using SEO and SEM tools that will inspire customers to engage with your brand. If you’re in BC, you can check out a full list of available seminars here.

This is an amazing time to think about the things your small business needs in order to succeed and grow. In roundtable discussions, major contributors to the Canadian SMB sector have identified priorities such as getting 100% of small businesses equipped with high speed internet, promoting financial literacy, creating opportunities for young and growing businesses and those run by women, and starting meaningful discussions about succession planning. What issues are most important to your business’ success? How can you learn to be more profitable while at the same time making your voice heard in the pursuit of change and better infrastructure for small business in Canada?

We believe that the pursuit of sustainable financial models for small businesses at all levels – in advocacy, in government, and at the grassroots level – will be one of the key elements in the growth of the small business economy and the Canadian economy in general. We’re accomplishing this by working to make access to financial resources easier for business owners through technological innovation combined with holistically minded underwriting, and reducing the impact of predatory or exclusionary lending practices.

Consider the month of October to be your time to rally for change and to expose your mind to new ideas! You can change the way your business is perceived. You can change your goals and meet new challenges. You can change the way you think about finding a small business loan or financial product that meets your individual needs.

Have a fantastic Small Business Month!

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