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Blog Article: Pragmatism and the Small Business Loan

At Merchant Advance Capital, we know that life as a small business owner can move quickly. Each day can bring with it new decisions that may impact the short- or long-term operation of your business. We understand the need for careful consideration when it comes to planning your finances and deciding what kind of lending or investment in the growth of your company may be the most suitable. We also, however, understand the value of pragmatism and the need to act decisively – something that a traditional business loan may not allow you to do given the terms and conditions of application for these loans.

It goes without saying that your small business may need to make certain changes decisively in expectation of an immediate effect on your operations. Because we know the value of your time and that part of it which you give to your small business, we too are committed to being responsive, efficient and available. One of the major advantages of a merchant advance relative to a traditional business loan is that our process may allow your business to apply, qualify and receive funding as soon as you need it – often a matter of several days.

The design of a merchant advance, again compared to a traditional business loan, is also very time-efficient. As the proprietor of a business, you do not necessarily need to be tied down to a lengthy loan term – our interest is in providing you with the working capital you need without being a continuous drain on your finances. You can decide whether a re-advance may or may not be suitable when it comes time to think about the next set of decisions your business needs to make.

Contact Merchant Advance Capital today and you could be well on your way to receiving working capital that you need to stay on top of the changing business landscape.

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