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Blog Article: Preparing For Small Business Week 2015

It may be something of a business faux-pas to be overly enthusiastic about a far-off event too early in the season (see: Christmas, Halloween, etc.) but there’s one upcoming time of year that will definitely be beneficial to plan for in advance: Small Business Week 2015, taking place between October 18th and 24th this year.

Small Business Week was originally organized by BDC in recognition of the contributions and achievements of Canada’s entrepreneurs. Events held during the week bring entrepreneurs together at conferences, luncheons and trade fairs across the country where they have the opportunity to learn, network and enjoy themselves in the company of their peers

How will your community strive to celebrate and strengthen the business elements that compose it? In a week packed with information, it may be wise to plan ahead and find the thought leaders and experts whose contributions in a particular field will be most useful to your business. Can you use the week to roundtable about your financial strategy? Build organizational culture and team cohesion? Share ideas with fellow businesspeople in your region? Make a valuable networking connection? It’s an inviting chance to put these resources together.

Of course, this week can also create opportunities for small businesses to stand out from the crowd in their markets by conducting their own events and promotions. Both online and in real-space, laying claim to your independent identity is more important than ever in our ever-more authenticity-focused commercial culture. We’ve blogged on what makes a stellar event before, in case you were wondering!


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