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Blog Article: Promoting Your Small Business on Facebook


Facebook is a source of frustration and guilt for many smaller business owners and solo entrepreneurs, who wonder how to make it work for their business. Read on for our guide to promoting your small business on Facebook.

Social media involvement can serve as a powerful lead generator, but not in the way most small business owners think. Jumping online to check in on Facebook once a day or posting current promotions isn’t going to bring the business in. Dedication and ongoing involvement is required in order to run a successful small business Facebook campaign. Often, the business owner will hire someone part-time to engage in these responsibilities, if they do not feel comfortable with their own online sophistication.

Facebook’s value lies in being part of an overall integrated marketing strategy that incorporates a website, traditional media, excellent customer service and solid products/services as part of the package that builds brand recognition, customer loyalty and leads.

The average person is on Facebook to connect with family and friends. But when brands understand this and tailor their content to their fans, so that fans find the content interesting, inspirational, informative, valuable and/or helpful, then fans will remember them and are then more likely to begin to like, share and comment on their posts. This then helps build brand name recognition and loyalty, which in turn can help fuel potential sales opportunities down the road.

So how do you get into the news feed of those who have liked your page?

Promoted Posts are one way to get your posts into the news feed of more people. Paying to promote specific posts helps ensure a larger number of your fans have an opportunity to see a particular post. These same Promoted Posts can be used to help build your fan base too by targeting specific cities, provinces, states and countries.

Try it out!


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