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Blog Article: Rainy Day Update: Content4Good and SkateBoss

At the end of 2015, our Rainy Day Giveaway partnered with Yulu, Skyrocket and Bowery Creative to recognize one business with the desire to expand creatively to make their small business dreams a reality. Many businesses took the time and effort to show off the amazing ways that saving for a rainy day could help them grow, but only one could walk away with the grand prize of $15.000 in creative services: Content4Good!

A creator of socially conscious video games for children aged 8 to 12, Content4good is using their winnings to develop and promote the brand identity of SkateBoss, a game where players use the experience of owning their own virtual skate shop to help foster entrepreneurial skills and discover the powerful effect they can have on our planet and its people through the choices they make. The eye-catching, 1980s New Wave inspired stylistic flourishes that the team is working on with their creative partners really make the game’s visual identity pop!


Content4Good has just completed the first phase of development on the SkateBoss project with Skyrocket and will be continuing to update us on the project design as it goes forward! We can’t wait to see how this Rainy Day project evolves and we are so happy to see our winners instilling the values of business management and entrepreneurial innovation in a whole new generation of  young people.

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