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Blog Article: Rainy Day Wrap-Up

The Merchant Advance Rainy Day Giveaway has been a huge success: we want to first and foremost thank all of our many entrants for the creatively engaging and thoughtful proposals they put forth about the most innovative ways they could grow and evolve their small businesses. But in the end, we had to pick only one of these – who themselves could pick from our pair of prizes, either $5,000 cash or $15,000 in creative services from Bowery Creative, Yulu and Skyrocket.

Erin Skillen, CEO, Content4good


We’re happy to announce that Victoria, B.C.-based Content4good are the winners! They’ll be using the opportunity to further their business developing educational video games that help children become socially and economically conscious through managing a virtual social enterprise, such as their forthcoming iSaveTheWorld. We’re tremendously happy to be able to support a business whose goals include the foresight needed to engage and inspire the next generation of dynamic creators and entrepreneurs. Their business model is part of a growing trend that is moving gaming from the living room to the mobile space and the classroom, using the power of visual and interactive media to stimulate new and exciting conversations. 




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