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Blog Article: Re-thinking your Morning Routine


If you are like the majority of people who work in the morning then your routine probably goes roughly like this: Wake up, make coffee, then drink that coffee while glancing at your emails in preparation for the day ahead. The team here at Merchant Advance all agreed that their morning routines went something like that, some of us even check our email before we get out of bed! Could you imagine your morning routines without checking your phones? Probably, but what about your morning routine without coffee? Now that’s just crazy right?

If you are drinking coffee to get a boost of energy to start your day then you should know that coffee is actually much less effective first thing in the morning! The reason is as follows: your body produces a hormone called cortisol that is similar to caffeine throughout different periods of the day. Studies were done to track when this hormone is at it’s peak level of production and on average this is between 8 and 9 in the morning. This means that when you are having your first (or second) cup of coffee your body is already producing this natural form of energy for you. By drinking coffee at this time you will only mess with the cortisol levels in your body and make caffeine less effective. While if you time your “coffee breaks” around this cortisol production it will allow you to be fully energized all day long!


Another way to keep energy levels up during your work day is to start with the harder tasks first, this means leaving your e-mails for last! The reason so many people start their day off with replying to E-mails is because it is so much easier to react than it is to PRO act. Have you ever finished reading your e-mails and suddenly realize that you have so much work to do? It can be overwhelming and it is sometimes hard to figure out where you should start. If you spend your time during your commute planning out your day instead of checking your e-mails this feeling of being overwhelmed can be eliminated. Just think, you will arrive at work and know exactly what needs to be done, power through your tasks and before you know it everything will be complete and you will only have E-mails to answer!


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