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Blog Article: Secrets to Higher Productivity

As a small business owner you are no stranger to juggling multiple tasks while your to-do list grows and grows. There are only 24 hours in a day so making the most of your time means separating perfectionism from productivity. This article highlights 2 items (we 2 added to more) to make this happen

  3. FOCUS

ORGANIZATION – Start by reviewing your day to day all the tasks as well as your ongoing to-do list. Identify where you feel you are wasting time, and which tasks you should set aside focused time to complete to help reach goals, and which tasks are OK to procrastinate. Some tasks need to be completed right away others delegated, and some ignored for a little while.

PERFECTION NOT NECESSARY – Once you have chosen a task to complete don’t get bogged down trying to be perfect. Its important to move forward and not worry about completing everything to perfection -sometimes good enough is “good enough”. Then boom – its time to move onto the next task!

FOCUS – This word packs a lot of punch. When applied you can rip through a bunch of tasks in no time, or with a lack of focus you can end your day scratching your head  with nothing completed. If you have a short attention span set alarms for 20 minutes to complete certain tasks with focus and just get it done. If you need more time, take a break from it for other things and dive back into it later.

PLANNING AHEAD – Believe it or not people preform better when they are well rested. Give yourself the RR needed if you have a busy week ahead of you – that extra hour of sleep IS worth it. 8 hours of productive work will always be better then 15 hours of puttering.

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