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Blog Article: Small Business Blog Tips

We want to start off today’s blog with a thank-you to and content aggregators Feedspot for ranking us in their top 100 Small Business Blog list on the web today! It’s an awesome achievement that reflects the work we’ve put in to bring Canadian small businesses the kind of innovative information that will help them grow and succeed. Thanks Feedspot!


With that in mind, let’s take a look at the importance of blogs for the modern small business. What can a blog do for you, and what’s the best way to manage it?

  • Give Your Expertise A Voice

As a small business, your customers know to come to you for your specific expertise in one area – be it trucking, baking or anything in between. That expertise is what gives you an edge over your bigger-box competitors. Your customers (and, more importantly, future/potential customers) will often come to you with a question they need an answer to: “how can I move from Toronto to Vancouver without breaking the bank?” – you can be there to answer that question for them in a small business blog.

  • Build the Funnel

Making your blog into a repository of helpful information is a great way to get potential customers engaged in the “sales funnel” that will bring them through your business’ front door (or online portal.) The next step in making this process work is to create a pathway to that door. This often takes the form of a call to action on your small business blog, such as a prompt to receive emails with weekly newsletters or special offers, a link to a landing page on your business’ main site, or even a map with directions to come visit your physical location. The “funnel” gets more detailed, and more useful, when you can analyze your blog readership to find out where your best customers are coming from and what they want to hear.

  • Create a Community

Small businesses need to stick together, and a small business blog is a great way to meet and partner with other businesses in your area with common viewpoints. Invite other business owners and local leaders to share their commentary as guest contributors to your blog, and make yourself available to do the same. It’s a bit strange at first, but blogs can become a vital piece of your interactional “Rolodex” of local and regional businesses.


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