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Blog Article: Small Business: “How To” vs. “What”

Have you ever needed a quick, concise instruction that helped you perform some sort of specific task – changing a bike tire, fixing a lost internet connection, or tying a clove hitch?

According to recently released Google data, it’s increasingly likely that in order to solve everyday problems like these, you’ll reach for a mobile device and search for a “how-to” on Youtube. So likely, in fact, that 91% of smartphone users are likely turn to their device for ideas while completing a task. For those of you curious, the top three educational searches in the past decade have been “how to kiss”, “how to tie a tie” and “how to draw.” Clearly, humanity has its priorities in order.


Is Your Small Business Listening To The Right Questions?

Evidently, the question “how do I…?” is of great importance to consumers. Even outside the realm of video and mobile media, small business owners should be aware of ways to help their customers answer this question. Customers need services and products, yes: however, their drive to seek those things out is motivated by curiosity and experimentation. Small businesses that address the “how” in their customers’ minds instead of the “what” create a significant value-add,  and also begin to forge a relationship with that customer. This relationship positions the business as a source of expertise or trusted advice, and builds loyalty – a currency that is incredibly valuable for any small business.

What are the questions and concerns people have related to the types of products you sell or the types of projects they are used for? What do people want to learn about them? Find ways to answer these questions – whether online or in person. Offer opportunities for your customers to learn something new, and your small business will learn about them in turn.

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