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Blog Article: Seeing The Impact of Growth Capital

At Merchant Advance Capital, we love seeing the ways that our financing solution is being put to work. As we’ve mentioned before in past blog posts, the way that our cash advance money is used is of importance to us. But there are no restrictions by any means. We believe that the business owner has a much better idea of the best way to deploy capital in his/her business than we do. So we let them go to town and we don’t create any limitations.

However, we certainly like to see the money being put into the business in some way. We get excited when we see the impact we’re able to make. One example that comes to mind is a client of ours who we’ve added on facebook. He runs a store in Western Canada that sells a variety of goods ranging from furniture & art to tiles & sculptures. Whenever he makes a trip abroad and comes home with a giant container, often financed by us, he posts pictures of all the cool things he bought on his facebook page. He even posts pictures from the factories in various parts of the world where he sources these goods. We love checking these out because not only are the goods very interesting, but we get to see the impact we’re making by providing financing where other institutions have shied away – in this case boosting not only domestic economic activity but also abroad. It’s very cool to see and we wish more of our clients posted photos like these online!

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