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Blog Article: 3 Tips on How to Keep Warm for Winter


We, at Merchant Advance Capital, all agree that the normal “Raincouver” weather has transitioned to snow, slush, and colder temperatures. Keeping warm is essential, especially for those who use transit or need to walk their dogs during the winter. The following are 3 tips on conserving warmth during the winter:

Check the Weather Beforehand. Check the weather forecast in order to know how cold it is and if it rains or snows. This will be very beneficial since it will be easier to figure out how to dress and what type of activities to plan.

Dress Appropriately. Don’t underdress or overdress. The feet are the furthest body part from your core warmth; wear long socks or leg warmers. Wear thermals underneath your clothing to conserve body heat. Wear layers. Make sure you wear a thick jacket (preferably waterproof); do not wear cotton jackets since cotton highly absorbs moisture. Don’t forget to wear gloves, scarves, and toques; they aren’t just a fashion statement, they also keep you warm during cold winters.

Pack/Buy Warm Food. What do you have for lunch today? Soup is a great option on a chilly afternoon. Fill your thermos mug with either coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (if you’re not a coffee/tea drinker). Carry the thermos mug in your hands on the bus, while shopping, or when you’re walking the dog; this will keep your hands warm when you are on the go. Living in Vancouver means that the weather will always be unpredictable. It might rain one day, it might snow another day, and it might surprisingly be sunny another day. Being prepared and organized for the day is what we value at Merchant Advance Capital. Stay warm and drive safely on the slippery roads. [feather_follow]

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