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Blog Article: [VIDEO] Loans 101 – How Long Does It Take to Get Funded?

Our Loans 101 video series is back and better than ever! This edition of the series, which should herald a return to more frequent updates, features Merchant Advance CEO David Gens addressing one of the most important questions we get from Canadian small business owners every day: how long does it take to go from application to funding?

For the majority of small businesses, the time to receive funding is very short: generally less than a week. We recently blogged about the importance of organization and bookkeeping in small business environments – keeping your financials in order and having the right documents in an accessible, legible and current format can help your application move as quickly as it possibly can. Our team is ready to take your application and help to get your business the funding it needs when you need it!

Take a look at the video below for a more detailed explanation, and stay tuned for further entries in the Loans 101 series in the weeks to come.

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