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Blog Article: [VIDEO] Loans 101 – Working With Brokers

This week’s edition of Loans 101, our ongoing video series, is a little bit different in a couple of key ways. First, it features the video debut of Merchant Advance’s VP of Marketing and Operations, Alex Chisholm! Secondly, it deals with a side of the Merchant Advance model we don’t often discuss here on the blog – the creation of affiliate partnerships. Many businesses have contacted us asking about opportunities to work together in an affiliate relationship or as brokers. This video should clear up all the details!

We know that creating meaningful partnerships with our small business customers is part of what makes us unique in the lending market in Canada.  But what about those other organizations out there with a Rolodex (or email list…) full of awesome small business clients? By connecting your network and sales abilities to Merchant Advance’s infrastructure, we are able to reach out to even more Canadian businesses who may be in search of funding solutions for their ongoing operational expenses or other plans for improvement.

Becoming a referral partner is simple. To be a referral partner, all you have to do is give us the name and number of a potentially interested client and our sales team will do the rest.

Affiliate partners can leverage small business traffic by advertising our service using our tools, banners, and creative on your site or store.

Broker Partners are involved in our entire process. You work with your clients and our underwriting team to help close the deal, having access to our resources to help grow your business.

Contact us today to learn more about the partnerships we offer!

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