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Sometimes, an idea will move through its environment less like a ripple in a pond, and more like a leak finding its way through the cracks and crannies of a wall until it can burst out with great force. Concepts that start off as “niche” and hard to grasp can grow to take over the day-to-day understanding of how we do business despite encountering resistance along the way. The very fact that we can type up this blog and send it out for you to read is a testament to that notion.

Commercials are nothing new, as far as the marketing of business goes: anyone who has watched Mad Men can tell you that. The use of an attractively produced short video segment to promote one’s business goals has been around since the invention of television. Arguably, achieving this goal was why television was invented.

With the advent of cheap and widely available broadband internet, video is able to propagate more quickly and easily than ever before – through computers, cellphones, and the proverbial kitchen sink. How long before we can buy a video-enabled, touchscreen sink? Probably not long. As someone who grew up in the relatively adolescent days of the internet, for the longest time my opinion of video ads was a negative one – dismissing them as a nuisance that popped up to get in the way of what you wanted to see. Internet marketing had not exactly come into its own at that time – when even gigantic players like Youtube were conceived more as spaces for communities to share content rather than to market it. Yet, in a few short years, the dam holding back online video marketing seems to have exploded: as this report by Business Insider concludes, video stands ready to eclipse all other forms of digital advertisting in terms of its revenue growth and potential to attract views and customers. Youtube, for example, has experienced a content renaissance: once the domain of talking-head vlogs and Star Wars Kid, it has become a legitimately enormous (though admittedly gray-market legal) music listening platform that labels are scrambling to understand how to monetize as we speak. Even Vine and Instagram, purveyors of snack-sized mobile vlogging, are becoming the first stops for small or grassroots businesses looking to establish an inexpensive and effective marketing presence targeted directly at millions and millions of mobile phone users. In its own way, Youtube looks antiquated compared to a fifteen-second marketing burst – who wants to load up a data-plan-sapping video? And why not shoot and edit your commercial with the same phone that your customers will see it played on?

Video can make a huge impact on the marketing strategy of any modern small business. Small business owners should be prepared to embrace emerging or “niche” platforms, experiment with them, and take creative leaps: a brewery showing clips of its newest batch of ingredients going right into the boiler, or a music store posting sound clips of its latest guitar acquisition for customers to hear, might do more for customer engagement than a picture or Facebook Like ever could.

Having said all that: we invite you to take a look at our brand-new video! It features an inside look into the hard work and business savvy exhibited by the Winking Judge Pub, a client in our home city of Vancouver, BC. If you’ve ever wondered – “why choose a Merchant Advance? What can it really give my business the ability to do better, day-in and day-out?” – this video will show you an insider’s perspective.

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