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Blog Article: Writing Your Small Business Origin Story

Your intrepid blogger recently returned from the cinema, having gone out to indulge in blatant nerdery and general action-adventure escapism courtesy of the new Avengers film. Verdict: not bad! Lots of robots! James Spader!


Though, I started to think: superhero movies are a billion-dollar genre. Many of these films focus on the early days, the so-called “origin story” of your favourite crusaders (caped or otherwise), in order to allow new fans the chance to get acquainted. Poor Spider-Man has had to suffer the indignity of three or four retellings of his origin over the years with various actors in the title role, with another on the way. And yet, some of the best comic-book stories are in fact origin tales! Batman had Year One. Hulk: Grey gave the Bruce Banner story impeccable heft. Iron Man: Extremis made Tony Stark feel genuinely human only to become superhuman.

Small business owners know that the first year of operation can be a challenge requiring heroic feats as well. There’s a tremendous amount to learn, do, and experience – much of it unexpected. At Merchant Advance, we recognize the challenging gauntlet that businesses can run in their first operational year. Competencies such as business planning, marketing, finding a client base, creating trust, developing workplace culture, building a team and creating goals are all developed in this time!

As Peter Parker’s uncle Ben so sagely put it, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Your small business has the power to influence the community around it, and it can also take time to understand and manage the many responsibilities. Once you’ve built your small business’ origin story, we want to see it develop and grow into a longer arc that will keep your customers engaged for years to come. This is true even if banks have told you that access to working capital and funding for your business is out of reach. Visit us at to find out more.

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