Community Engagement

Lending Support in Our Community

Merchant Growth is an active player in our local communities. We like to get involved by not only participating in various worthy causes, but also by giving support through sponsorship funding. Below are some events Merchant Advance has been involved in to date, with many more causes and stories to come.

The state of regional economies is often a talking point between entrepreneurs and consumers alike. I mean, who doesn’t want increasing access to life-enhancing goods and services? Small businesses and local entrepreneurs have a unique ability to drive regional economic growth whilst maintaining a ...

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What is a brand? A brand is how you display your business and how your customers perceive it. It is made up of a variety of components including the environment, publications, advertising and customer relations. In essence it is the definition of your brand. It is also the way your customers interpr ...

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Everybody is loyal to a local business that may render some fond memories. Friendly staff, excellent service and consistency builds a growing and enduring relationship between business and customer. Although there are often hundreds of businesses in a city competing for the same clientele, many mana ...

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You may also be interested in our Good Sense Loan, which is specifically designed for businesses that can positively impact their communities through a more sustainable process, or socially responsible causes.

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