Community Engagement

Lending Support in Our Community
Merchant Growth is an active player in our local communities. We like to get involved by not only participating in various worthy causes, but also by giving support through sponsorship funding. Below are some events Merchant Advance has been involved in to date, with many more causes and stories to come.

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You may also be interested in our Good Sense Loan, which is specifically designed for businesses that can positively impact their communities through a more sustainable process, or socially responsible causes.

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Merchant Advance has been a beneficial part of helping to maintain and grow our business. As cash flow is something that can be a strain, it eases our ability to continue to run a successful business, and move towards a successful future. They are a pleasure to work with, professional and hassle-free.

Michael, Montreal

Sometimes you find lenders who are willing to assist businesses that may have had a rough time in the past…. but NOT very often. I was fortunate enough to find Merchant Advance.

Chuck, Chuck & Gene’s Pizza Machine, Thunder Bay, ON