No Collateral Merchant Advances. Fast, Flexible & Scalable.

Merchant Advance

Funds for Renos, Staffing, Inventory, Marketing, Tech Upgrades, Or?

Our Merchant Advance program turns your future cash flows into immediate working capital that you can use right away for any aspect of your business requiring immediate funds.

The program is simple, flexible, requires no collateral and automatically adjusts repayment to match your business cycle.

It is a perfect solution for businesses that use credit or debit transactions, are seasonal and require temporary extra cash to take advantage of inventory deals, seasonal staffing or even debt management. It’s up to you.

What is a Merchant Advance?

Merchant Advances are the most flexible financial product readily available for small business. Canadian businesses get capital as an advance against future credit and debit card sales, then use their Merchant Advance to grow and invest in the success of their business. Whether it’s taking advantage of a supplier’s volume discount, gearing up for high season by hiring additional staff or putting marketing dollars to work, having quick access to capital when you need it can be a life changer.

How Do They Work?

By turning your future cash flows into cash that you can use right away, the program is ideal for business owners who are faced with a short-term cash crunch but who know that the revenue from a cash injection to their business (think renos, new product lines, etc.) will increase their bottom-line down the road. Repayment is scheduled on a daily basis based on a (very manageable) percentage of each day’s sales.

Is it Right for You?

With a Merchant Advance, you’re able to access much needed capital during your off season without feeling the usual squeeze. It is very responsive – on slower days less is repaid, on busy days more is repaid – so when sales are lower during slow season, your payments are lower. Then, when sales pick back up, that cash is paid back easily.

Business Case: Cumulative Net Profit Curve

For a Merchant Advance Type Loan (values are hypothetical, based on a re-invest model)

Do You Qualify? Here's What You Need:

A Canadian-Based Business.

Accept Debit and/or Credit Cards.

Min Average Monthly Card Sales of $5,000.

In Business for Minimum 6 Months.

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