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News & Press | Published July 2, 2019

Merchant Advance Capital Rebrands as Merchant Growth

Merchant Advance Capital, Canada’s fastest and most transparent (no hidden fees) small business financier, is proud to unveil a complete brand refresh that reflects the company’s mission to help small businesses succeed. Canada, meet Merchant Growth.

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Merchant Advance’s David Gens Featured in Financial Post

I launched Merchant Advance Capital at the age of 22 from the den of my apartment in Vancouver. Random fact: people who work in finance are not just spreadsheet junkies – at the same time as starting my business, I was also the drummer in a rock band, Head of the Herd.

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Merchant Advance’s David Gens Featured in Business in Vancouver

The common plight of start-up tech companies is one of struggle – of taking years to first get off the ground and become profitable. Or, all too often, striving to fulfil the promise of an initial idea before crashing into a hard wall of business reality.

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Merchant Advance’s David Gens Featured on

When David Gens started Merchant Advance Capital in 2010, his first customer was a small Calgary-based retailer. The owner was a former roommate who was importing trinkets and furniture from Bali to his store, Bali and Beyond. Without an obvious market for his products from the small Indonesian island, the owner struggled — not with actual sales, but with simply securing a loan from a traditional financial institution to grow his business.

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Merchant Advance Featured on Toronto's 680 News | Published November 24, 2017

Merchant Advance’s David Gens Featured On Toronto News 680

The question posed to David Gens – CEO of Merchant Advance Capital – on Black Friday, a day known by that name because it’s the day the big box stores go into the “black” and start turning a profit, is; “how can the one million + Canadian small businesses compete against the scale of larger company’s during black Friday?”

Hear the full interview here (audio file) | Published November 1, 2017

Opinion: Are young people planning for their financial future?
Don’t count on it

The most valuable financial lesson I learned was the concept of compound interest when I was 19. Most adults flunk when it comes to understanding this basic financial concept, which is key to making a savings plan and managing money overall. That high school students graduate without this knowledge is worrying.

Read full story (original article) at The Province Online | Published September 12, 2017

In the Age of Amazon, What Becomes of Bricks and Mortar?

“With Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods, we’ve revived a conversation that has taken many forms in the past: can bricks and mortar survive in the age of e-commerce? The short answer is yes.” Merchant CEO David Gens weighs in on the future of the brick and mortar stores.

Read full story (original article) at Small Biz Daily | Published September 26, 2017

Merchant Advance Capital launches Venbridge, offering venture debt fund for SMEs

Online SME finance company Merchant Advance Capital has launched a joint venture called Venbridge, in partnership with financing and tax consultant Garron Helman. This new service provides venture debt and consulting services to Canadian SMEs.

Read more (news release) at The Canadian Business Journal | Published August 22, 2017

Merchant Advance Capital ranked 19th Fastest Growing Company in Canada: PROFIT 500

Merchant Advance Capital is honoured to be named 19th on the 29th annual PROFIT 500 list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. With an impressive five-year revenue growth of 3,055%, the company has been ranked in the top 4% of candidates in the list.

Read full story (original article) at Canadian Business | Published August 22, 2017

Merchant Advance named #10 Fastest Growing Company in BC: BIV

Merchant Advance Capital is proud to be named among the Top 10 fastest growing companies in British Columbia by Business In Vancouver.

Read full story (original article) at Business In Vancouver | Published August 25, 2017

Fintech Partnership Speeding Up Business Loan Approval

Merchant Advance Capital will connect Flinks app directly with customers’ banks to allow the capital lender to validate account ownership, account balances and transaction histories. This means loan applicants will now be able to instantly provide their banking information to Merchant, speeding up the often tedious approval process.

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BC Fintechs Eye Growth as Banking Habits Change

There’s one simple rule David Gens tries not to forget when leading a financial technology (fintech) company. “Acknowledge the ‘fin’ in the word ‘fintech,’” said the CEO of Vancouver-based Merchant Advance Capital, which specializes in offering small businesses loans and lines of credit over the internet.

Read full story (original article) at Business In Vancouver | Published February 7, 2017

David Gens opens up about future Fintech regulation in Canada

Merchant Advance Capital CEO David Gens said he’s pleased the regulator is taking steps to reach out more proactively to fintechs: “Every small, growing fintech company is constrained in terms of resources. So every decision to put yourself in a more regulated position is taken very carefully because if it’s going to suck up all your resources, you might not have time for it. We’re always making sure we’re on the safe side of the equation. We’re not trying to ask for forgiveness later.”

Read full story (original article) at Business In Vancouver | Published September 30, 2016

Entrepreneur of the Year 2016: Fintech

David Gens first developed a taste for managing money while studying at UBC, in the Sauder School of Business’s portfolio management program. After a stint post-graduation at CAI Capital Management, he felt the urge to go solo–so, at 24, he founded his own firm, Merchant Advance Capital.

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BIV Fastest 100 Growing Companies in BC – Merchant Advance ranked #3

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Merchant Advance ranked #23 Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies

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BeNanna Bakery rises again, with help of new Good Cents Loan from Merchant Advance

Ben Van Eck’s first bakery bombed. It wasn’t until 12 years and five children later that the Chilliwack man felt like trying again. This time round, Van Eck’s vanilla slices, bread and cakes are flying out the door. BeNanna Bakery is crowded with customers, the bills are paid and Van Eck is daring to dream again. He has no illusions about what went wrong the first time: “Not enough sales, too much overhead and we borrowed too much,” he said.

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Lending to small businesses has proved a good business model for this young entrepreneur

Lending to businesses was primarily the exclusive domain of banks, which traditionally charged a fixed monthly interest for loans, and were often not very willing to lend to small businesses that didn’t have the kind of security they wanted — an asset. Now, Gens heads a business with offices in Vancouver and Toronto that is the leader among a small group of new-format lenders in Canada that work in the growing niches of the new economy — one that favours smaller businesses over the traditional big-company economy.

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The future of Credit Scoring is Data Driven.

The good news is that change is coming and it’s coming fast. Innovative new lending startups like Borrowell, Merchant Advance Capital and, of course, Progressa have started in part because the emergence of new data sources has allowed us to evaluate creditworthiness in ways that were not previously possible.

Read full story (original article) at TechVibes Online

Calgary Herald | Published July 19, 2016

Social Impact Lending: Merchant Advance’s ‘Good Cents Loan’.

The loan offers reduced interest rates to business owners who want to invest in social responsibility initiatives — such as upgrades that boost energy efficiency or renovations to make a business more accessible to people with disabilities — but can’t afford to do so.

Read full story (original article) at the Calgary Herald Online | Published June 9, 2016

CEO David Gens named as Pacific region finalist in EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Fintech category.

EY is recognizing an impressive group of Pacific region entrepreneurs for their financial performance, vision, leadership, personal integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, the firm named 41 finalists across 10 categories in its EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Pacific 2016 awards program.

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Globe And Mail

Globe And Mail | Published May 24, 2016

Fintech & Your Social Media Footprint.

Dozens of alternative lenders in the financial technology (fintech) space say they look beyond your credit score to determine a person’s or business’s loan eligibility. Merchant Advance CEO David Gens weighs in on fintech innovation, specifically what are they looking at then, if not only the credit score?

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Business Vancouver

Business Vancouver | Published May 10, 2016

Well-crafted Social Media Can Deliver Big Payoff.

“Being online for the sake of being online isn’t enough anymore – consumers expect engagement and timeliness. When businesses go online, they bring with them colleagues, friends, family and a diverse array of consumers” says Merchant Advance VP Marketing & Operations, Alex Chisholm.

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Yahoo Finance

Financial Post | Published April 29, 2016

Will Regulating Startups ‘Level the Playing Field’?

Around the world, established financial players and regulators are grappling with the emergence of technology-based banking products and services that fall beyond the umbrella of traditional regulation. How Merchant Advance and other local lenders are disrupting the playing fiend for the big banks.

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Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance | Published April 28, 2016

Alternative Lender Merchant Advance Capital Announces Partnership with Home Equity Lender Alpine Credits.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Merchant Advance Capital’s newest product launch: a revolving line of credit for business owners that’s been coined ‘Give Yourself Credit’. The product is the newest addition to a suite of financial programs that offer business owners the ability to finance their businesses without visiting their local bank branch.

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The Lack of Access to Capital for SMB – and How to Solve The Problem.

Merchant Advance Capital’s goal was to solve this problem using new approaches and technologies. Since its inception, the company has looked at over 10,000 small business funding applications. In its 6 years of funding small businesses the company has built its own proprietary credit scoring model which categorizes applications into a number of risk buckets.

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BC Business | 2015 Annual

2015 | Top 30 under 30.

Years of booking shows and minding the moneybox for his high school band prepared David Gens well for a career in finance, he says. On the advice of a family friend, Gens enrolled in UBC Sauder’s portfolio management program …

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From The Canadian Business Journal | Published January, 2014 | Volume 7, Issue 1

Providing alternative financing to small businesses.

We finance businesses that have been in business for at least a year so that we can understand their cashflow, the seasonality of their business. We are very diligent in our underwriting, our model is designed to retrieve the full return in one year’s time …

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Business In Vancouver | 2014 Annual Issue

2014 | Top 40 under 40.

We’ve pretty much grown 100% every year since we started …

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Special to the Globe & Mail | Published Friday, Mar. 01, 2013 5:00AM EST

Loans tied to future sales offer flexibility.

Like many entrepreneurs who run seasonal businesses, John Gidden needs working capital during the quiet months. So when the Victoria-based businessman became frustrated with traditional banks “becoming more and more difficult to deal with,” he decided to take advantage of a merchant cash advance …

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VanCity Buzz | Friday, June 08, 2012

Vancity Entrepreneurs: Merchant Advance Capital.

My long-term vision is for every small business owner in Canada to be aware of this option as a potential source of funding. Most people don’t know that this is a tool in their toolbox, and it can be a very handy tool to capitalize on growth opportunities …

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