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Privacy Policy

This notice explains Merchant Advance’s personal information collection, protection, use, sharing, and retention practices and lets you choose whether Merchant Advance may share certain information about you.

Scope and Definitions

This notice describes the privacy practices of Merchant Advance Ltd. and its affiliates. “We” and “us” means Merchant Advance Ltd. and any of our respective agents and service providers.

Personal Information Collection, Protection, Use, Sharing, and Retention
We collect, protect, use, share, and retain personal information to:

a. evaluate, monitor, maintain, service, and collect any account you may have with us, including disclosing or exchanging Personal Information with credit reporting agencies, to develop our relationship with you, and to offer financial products and services, including evaluating the needs, wants, and satisfaction levels of our customers and analyzing and managing our business;

b. administer services, monitor your purchases, transactions, payments, and evaluate your credit eligibility, for the purposes set out in this notice;

c. verify your identity (or that of any authorized user or co-applicant) concerning the account and maintain security measures aimed at the detection and prevention of fraudulent activity in relation to your account;

d. comply with legal and regulatory requirements;

e. promote and market products and services offered by Merchant Advance, which are directly related to the account (such as balance transfers and alternative payment methods), including by means of direct marketing.

You may ask to be suppressed under (e) at any time after your account has been opened by calling Merchant Advance at 1-877-370-8850 or by writing to us at Merchant Advance, 2207-1367 Alberni St., Vancouver, BC V6E 4R9.

In accordance with your request, and within 5 business days, we will suppress you from direct mail marketing and telemarketing for products and services offered by Merchant Advance.

Please allow 90 days for full effect as marketing campaigns may already be in process. However, if your request is made within the first 30 days of your account’s opening, we will not share your name for use in any secondary marketing campaign. This will not limit information we may provide to you in statements or when you contact us.

Additional Detail: Consent

In your application for merchant and financial products or services we are providing to you we obtained your consent for personal information collection, protection, use, sharing, and retention as set forth in (a) through (e) above. Subject to legal and contractual restrictions, you may withdraw your consent at any time after your account has been opened with reasonable notice. This will not limit information we may provide to you in statements or when you contact us.

If you refuse or withdraw your consent for any purpose required to provide our financial product or service to you, we will no longer be able to provide that product or service to you. You understand that if you withdraw your consent at any time to the monitoring of your credit status or your ongoing eligibility for credit, Merchant Advance may no longer be able to maintain your credit account.


We collect personal information about you and use it for the purposes described above. Our objective when collecting and using personal information is to improve the relationship we have with you; provide you with products and services that you will value; reduce the cost associated with maintaining your (and others’) accounts so that we may continue to provide you with a fairly priced product; reduce unwanted or inappropriate marketing; and protect you from unauthorized access to and use of your account or personal information.


Further, we share only the personal information we believe is needed to offer a product or service efficiently. Finally, we restrict the use of such personal information and require that it be kept secure.


To request access to your personal information in our possession, complete a personal information request form or write to us at: Merchant Advance, 2207-1367 Alberni St., Vancouver, BC V6E 4R9.

Your request must include a copy of a valid driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport. To inquire about your personal information in our possession or make corrections to it, write to us at the same address.

Internet Privacy Practices


The Merchant Advance Web servers automatically recognize and record the domain name from which you access the Internet, the corresponding Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, and the names of the pages you visit while at Merchant Advance’s Web site. This information is not personally identifiable and is used to improve the content of Merchant Advance Web sites and make them more useful. The Merchant Advance Web servers do not collect e-mail address(es) without your consent. Merchant Advance may ask you to provide us with your e-mail address at several points, including on applications, in correspondence or communications with you.


Currently, we do not share any e-mail address you provide to us with our endorsing organizations or other companies to market their products or services. We use both Merchant Advance servers and servers of other companies (“service providers”) to deliver and report on the progress of e-mail programs and to maintain service and fulfill products and services. When Merchant Advance uses a service provider, we prohibit them from using your e-mail address for any other purpose.

With your consent, we may periodically send you marketing offers at the e-mail address(es) you provide, that may be of interest to you. With each such marketing e-mail message you will have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving future marketing offers at that e-mail address. If you are an account holder, we reserve the right to use the e-mail address(es) you provide to present you with information about your account. This may include, but is not limited to, activating your account(s), account past due notices, rates available, and adding an authorized user.

We will track the activity of an e-mail (for example, were graphics viewed, was the e-mail opened, were links in the e-mail clicked), to allow us to measure the effectiveness of the e-mail, to provide future offers, and for fulfillment of products and services. Additionally, for your convenience, we may pre-fill online forms with your e-mail address.


Merchant Advance will not disclose or request sensitive information in an unencrypted e-mail (for example, full account number, social insurance number, personal identification number (PIN), or security passwords).

If you receive an e-mail purportedly from Merchant Advance containing or asking for this type of sensitive information, prior to responding, please contact Merchant Advance Customer Satisfaction at 1-877-370-8850.


Some Merchant Advance Web sites may use a feature of your Internet browser called a cookie. Cookies are files placed within your browser on your computer’s hard drive by a Web site server. Merchant Advance Web sites may use cookies to facilitate your Internet sessions, to maintain security, and to improve our Web sites. For example, Merchant Advance may use cookies to verify your identity, remember your personal settings such as your offer preferences, and to monitor your use of Merchant Advance Web sites to improve our services. We do not use cookies to collect data from your hard drive including your e-mail address or other personal information. If you choose not to enable cookies on your browser, you may not be able to use some of the services offered on Merchant Advance Web sites.


While exploring the services offered through Merchant Advance’s Web sites, please be aware that other online retailers, partners, third party Internet sites, and third party services accessible through Merchant Advance’s Web sites, have separate privacy and data collection policies and practices, which are independent of and may be different from Merchant Advance policies and practices. Merchant Advance is not responsible or liable for these independent policies and practices and it is your responsibility to review them and decide whether or not they satisfactorily protect your rights.

We may amend these Internet Privacy Practices at any time, and when such a change is made we will post a revised version on this Merchant Advance Web site. Changes will be effective when they are posted. It is your responsibility to review these Internet Privacy Practices from time to time to be aware of any such changes. Your continued use of this Merchant Advance Web site indicates your agreement to any such changes.

Updates and Additional Information

This notice replaces any previous notices from Merchant Advance about personal information collection, protection, use, sharing, retention, and Internet privacy practices. We may amend this privacy notice at any time without notice.

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