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Small Business Funding Made Simple - Merchant Advance

Duration: 1:22

Interested, but still a bit confused about how our funding program works? This bite size video breaks down our service for you. It's still relatively new in Canada, but business owners across the country are recognizing the value in the program and the opportunity it holds for small business funding

Meet Merchant Advance - Merchant Advance

Duration: 1:54

What Can I Use A Merchant Advance For? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 1:9

Today, we are proud to debut the first video in our ongoing video series featuring Merchant Advance CEO David Gens! We listened carefully to a variety of important questions that customers across Canada asked about our business model, our products and the many ways we can best help small businesses

How Do I Get Funding? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:52

Today brings the release of the second in our series of Merchant Advance Video Blog posts on Youtube, featuring Merchant Advance Capital CEO David Gens. This week's video addresses one of the most important questions we receive: How Do I Get Funding? What steps need to be taken to apply for, and rec

What Is A Merchant Advance? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:48

The next entry in our Merchant Advance Video series is now ready to view! This week, Merchant Advance Capital CEO David Gens takes a look at the fundamental properties of merchant advances. How is this type of funding properly defined? What makes it different from a standard business loan? What make

Does My Business Qualify For A Merchant Advance? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:51

The newest entry in our video blog series is now available! This week, Merchant Advance Capital CEO David Gens explores some of the key questions surrounding the qualifications that small businesses need in order to apply for a merchant advance or business loan. In short: they're very simple! We ask

Small Business, Big Screen: Top Five Small Businesses on Film - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:45

Lights, Camera... This time of year, in his spare evenings away from the keyboard, your blogger finds himself combing through Netflix for old favourites and new discoveries. Movies are a constant part of many of our lives, and the characters that inhabit them almost always need to be tethered to the

Snapshot Contest: And the Winner Is.... - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:37

Once again, we thank all the entrants to the inaugural edition of the Merchant Advance Capital Snapshot Contest! The announcement video is below - click to find out which of our group of intrepid small business shutterbugs will walk away with $5000 cash! T

What Business Types Are Suited To Merchant Advances? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:55

Welcome to the newest edition of the Merchant Advance Video Blog series, returning for the new year! In case you missed them, the Video Blogs let none other than Merchant Advance Capital President and CEO David Gens answer some of the most pressing questions about the alternative lending space, as c

How Much Funding Can I Get Through A Merchant Advance? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:53

The latest entry in our popular Merchant Advance Video blog series (featuring founder and CEO David Gens) is now available for viewing! We researched the questions about our business model, products, practices and other key facts that you wanted to hear answers to, and have released a total of six v

How Long Will It Take For My Business to Receive Funding? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 1:3

Time is Money... Or, at least, so goes the old adage. One of the things that most business owners want to know when they contact Merchant Advance Capital is: "how soon can you help?" As it currently stands, we can get you from initial request to funding in a week or less - sometimes even just a day

My Credit Score Needs Improvement: Can I Still Apply? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:57

The latest in our series of Merchant Advance Loans 101 videos is live, featuring CEO David Gens addressing some of the most important questions our customers have raised about the Merchant Advance model. This week, we choose to address a common concern among business owners that contact us: the stre

Merchant Advance vs. Business Loan - Merchant Advance

Duration: 3:56

Our newest Merchant Advance Loans 101 Video is now live over at the Youtube channel for your viewing pleasure. This week, Merchant Advance CEO David Gens takes a look at the differences that separate merchant advance funding from traditional business loan products. The video is below: click through

Loans 101: Is Collateral Required for a Merchant Advance? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:57

Aside from being the title of a positively amazing movie featuring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx released back in 2004, collateral refers to a pledge made by a borrower of specific property made in order to secure repayment of a loan and protect the lender against the risk of default. In this edition of

Loans 101 - How Long Does It Take to Get Funded? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 1:9

Our Loans 101 video series is back and better than ever! This edition of the series, which should herald a return to more frequent updates, features Merchant Advance CEO David Gens addressing one of the most important questions we get from Canadian small business owners every day: how long does it t

Loans 101 - Working With Brokers - Merchant Advance

Duration: 1:6

This week's edition of Loans 101, our ongoing video series, is a little bit different in a couple of key ways. First, it features the video debut of Merchant Advance's VP of Marketing and Operations, Alex Chisholm! Secondly, it deals with a side of the Merchant Advance model we don't often discuss h

Loans 101 - Your Credit Score - Merchant Advance

Duration: 1:56

This week, we welcome another new face to the Loans 101 series: Head of Underwriting, Dominik St-Denis! When it comes to small business lending, perhaps one of the biggest and most recurring sets of inquiries we get from new applicants centers on their personal credit score. As the blog has investig

The Best Financial Product for Your Seasonal Business - Merchant Advance

Duration: 1:6

The blog welcomes you to your Monday morning this week with another instalment of the Merchant Advance Loans 101 video series, this week featuring VP Marketing, Alex Chisholm. Seasonality is a topic that this blog has discussed often in the past. Especially in the Canadi

How Can a Merchant Advance Help at Tax Time? - Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:59

It was Daniel Defoe who first wrote: "Things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed." Fortunately, this week's Loans 101 video, featuring Head of Underwriting Dominik St-Denis, shows that the arrival of tax time, or the collection of back taxes owed by businesses, need not be a c

Better Together: A Pride Tilt-Shift Story - Merchant Advance

Duration: 2:36

We were thrilled to get involved in one of our coolest projects to date, a short film created to bring awareness to members of the LGBTQ community who face isolation and/or misunderstanding from within their community. The video follows the narrative of 7 people, each representing different associat

Strategies for Small Business Success - Merchant Growth - Formerly Merchant Advance

Duration: 0:13

Everybody is loyal to a local business that may render some fond memories. Friendly staff, excellent service and consistency builds a growing and enduring relationship between business and customer. Although there are often hundreds of businesses in a city competing for the same clientele, many mana

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