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Parnership Has It's Rewards.

Partnering with us at Merchant Growth is a proven way of helping Canadian SMBs prosper. Statistics show consistently that it is small business that is the dominant engine in the Canadian economy. Through our referral programs, financing partnerships with large banks & lenders and selected brokers, we are helping spread resources to where they are needed most: supporting and ensuring the growth of small business. Join our team! View our partnership programs below and see which best suits your company.

Merchant Growth's Partner Programs.

Referral Partners

Referral partnership is open to all. To be a referral partner, all you have to do is give us the name and number of a potentially interested client and our sales team will do the rest. Earn commissions when the deals fund.

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Affiliate Partners

Do you have clients that would benefit from a Merchant Advance or Business Loan? Leverage your small business traffic by advertising our service using our tools, banners, and creative on your site or store. You will earn commissions by referring qualified deals to Merchant Growth.

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Broker Partners

Broker Partners are involved in our entire process. You work with your clients and our underwriting team to help close the deal, while leaning on our resources to help grow your business and earn commissions when deals fund.

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High Volume Partners

Are you in the business of providing unsecured finance to Canadian small businesses? High volume partners of Merchant Advance Capital earn commissions on a flexible sliding scale, allowing you to share in the profits and volume bonuses from your deals achieving mutual success.

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Partner Program Highlights.

Highly Competitve Commission Rates

Highly Competitive Commission Rates

Funding for Your Clients

Funding for Your Clients of up to $350k per Location

Funding for Your Clients

Fast Turn-around of 1 to 3 Business Days

Funding for Your Clients

A Dedicated Support Team to Help You Succeed

Funding for Your Clients

Detailed Back Office Submission and Reporting System

Funding for Your Clients

Profit Sharing + Deal Participation + Volume Bonuses for High Volume ISOs

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